About Us

After years and years behind the computer screens. 

Claiming bonuses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Trying and testing casino after casino. 

This is our background in the online casino scene. We have tried them all. Slots, bonuses, live games and of course all the different online casinos. To be honest, we think we have tried them all at least once!

Our idea with Jara Slots is to share our knowledge with you and make sure you pick the right casino and bonus. 

We want Jara Slots to be a fast, quick and very easy site to use. We focus on listing only a few, high quality casinos so you always can be sure that when you choose a casino through us you get a joyful, entertaining and smooth experience when gambling online. 

We are located in the dark forests of Sweden where we can work in peace and quiet to build the leading website for comparing and finding online casinos and bonuses.

We are constantly adding new casinos and improving the website so be sure to type in jaraslots.ng in your browser often!

With that said, we hope you enjoy the website and find it helpful. 

Now, let’s claim some bonuses!